Saturday, 13 March 2010

More news from the astro shed. I acquired a pier the other day at a very good price. Spent most of Saturday installing it, leveling it and fitting the EQ6 Pro mount along with my ED102 and ED80. The roof will not clear the scopes now as I slide it back and forth. I need to lift the front of the roof over the scopes as I slide it back and forth. Still small price to pay so I don't have to break my back to look through the scopes and cameras when attached. The pier stands at 45 inches tall whereas the original tripod stood at a mere 30 inches. It may be only 15 inches difference but by the time you add the EQ mount the lower scopes eyepiece is now at face height instead of naval height that it was. No more getting down on my knees to look through the scope.

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