Friday, 30 September 2011


The Bubble Nebula a wide field shot and a close up

WO ED102
Canon 450D modded
EQ6 non guided
Bubble 15 x 180 seconds ISO800 8 darks

Double Cluster

The Double Cluster in Perseus. I don't normally go for open clusters but this one is special.

WO ED102
Canon 450D modded
EQ6 non guided
Double cluster 12 x 75 seconds ISO 800 8 darks

Thursday, 29 September 2011


Hi all, I am rather pleased with this one, come out nicely including a little bit of a meteor at the bottom

Canon EOS 450D astro modded
William Optics Megrez 102 with field flattener
30x 180 seconds @ ISO 800

Monday, 5 September 2011

M101 and SN2011fe

Hi all. Well last night was clear so I had another go at M101. I have managed to capture the supernova brilliantly. OMG! It is huge and very bright! I didn't even need to compare an earlier photo (I did to be certain) it is so obvious where it is!

Hope you all like it.


William Optics Megrez 102
Type IV Field Flattener
Canon 450D astro modified
EQ6 Pro unguided
42 x 180 seconds at ISO 800 (actually shot 50 but cloud ruined the last 8)
12 Darks